Alban Muller rewarded for their ecoresponsible projects

In Cosmetics Award | Alban Muller

Cosmetics Design has unveiled the winners of the ‘Best Ingredient Made with Recycled Materials Award’ at In-cosmetics New York. This award aims to recognize the environmental commitment of ingredients developers in the Cosmetic industry. 2 ingredients have been selected and are distributed exclusively by Alban Muller:

Borealine® Expert, from the boreal forest

Alban Muller manufactures this outstanding active, in partnership with BioForeXtra. It is the first green cosmetic ingredient, clinically tested, obtained from recycled red maple tree barks of the boreal forest in Canada.

Olifeel® line, from olive richness

Olifeel® won the Silver prize. Alban Muller new partner, RoelMi HPC, manufactures this new line composed of olive richness. This eco-friendly line is composed of recycled, repurposed, by products. Alban Muller is the exclusive distributor in the USA. Alban Muller and Roelmi HPC share the same essential values: safety, quality and ecological responsibility.

Alban Muller said: ‘I had a reasoning that was later considered as a vision. Considering the ever-expanding world population on a planet with limited resources, I decided to first focus on renewable resources’ and he finally concludes: ‘the green economy works!’.