Alban Muller International wins the 2015 CSR Trophy

Trophée Défi RSE

Alban Muller International has been awarded the 2015 French CSR “Challenge” Trophy for its territorial commitment in the Centre Region (South Paris, France) on the 15th of June in Paris. Sponsored by Malakoff Médéric, led by Mr G. SARKOZY, and Suez Environnement, this French national competition values the commitments, results and sustainability of companies’ CSR approach.

Component of our CSR approach, our territorial commitment has been successful in particular thanks to a close collaboration with our local farming producers. Thus we gather almost 1000 hectares of cultivated fields, close to our manufacturing site. Using local plant resource allows us to guarantee the quality and the safety of our supply as well as an optimal economic and environmental performance (harvesting while plants are the richest in active molecules, less transport…).

“This recognition by the business community encourages us to strengthen our overall CSR approach, inherent part of our sustainable growth and innovation power”, said Alban Muller during the award ceremony.

More information about our overall CSR strategy