Alban Muller International remains open and available for customers and partners


You are probably aware of the various measures taken by the French government to cope with Covid-19.

Our sites are not closed and shall not close: production and shipments will be maintained.

Since the first wave this year, we have reinforced our systems
to keep our collaborators and partners safe and protected
to be able to manage the orders from a distance, which means that you can reach us on our usual phone numbers and e-mail addresses or by Starleaf, Zoom, Windows Teams.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our improved website, you will see we are getting greener and cleaner than ever with our new “organic” offer for clays, scrubs, extracts, hi-techs and formulated products.

It is time to prepare for the after-Covid times when consumers will look for greener and cleaner cosmetics.

Stay safe.

The Alban Muller Team