Alban Muller & Corine de Farme

Corine de Farme Sarbec 590 x 225 px Alban Muller

A conversation between two experts in cosmetic beauty

On the June 8th, Alban Muller welcomed Corine de Farme of Sarbec Group to discuss the secrets of producing natural cosmetics. Sarbec Cosmetics Laboratory is widely renowned as the favorite brand of French beauty queens.This event was covered by the press magazine “Voici”.

Cosmetics, good for skin and for the plant

Both beauty companies share the values of being “Made in France”, having an eco-responsible approach, and maintaining high standards of quality and sourcing.

Behind the scenes of natural beauty: from concept to final result

A tour of blooming peony fields, which provide the natural ingredients for Corine de Farme’s micellar water.

An introduction to Alban Muller’s production facility and exploration of its R&D laboratory. Alban Muller Group’s transparency is particularly responsive to the trend of customer interest in the sourcing and production of cosmetics and beauty products.

An interview and exchange with President Alban Muller. He shared the company’s vision and highlighted commons points of views between Alban Muller and Corine de Farme, from an expertise in the beauty industry, to an eco-responsible approach to nature, sourcing and production.

In the present day, it is vital the beauty industry presents itself with transparency and authenticity, particularly in connection with natural products.

A video of this visit will be made available soon. Stay connected!