A new star is born: Fleur de santé

Fleur de santé

On March 10th, a special event was held for the new launch of Fleur de Santé. The laboratory chose Paris for its world premiere in a unique and magical place: the Galerie Joseph, transformed for the occasion into an amazing sensorial garden. In this enchanting world, time stopped for a night to unveil a new collection of 9 exclusive products.

Fleur de Santé laboratory: the story of a passionate chemist

Created in 1980 by Knut Wulff, a Swedish entrepreneur and talented chemist, Fleur de Santé has always been involved in the innovation and research on flowers. The brand owes its success especially to its “Lait de Beauté” (Beauty Milk) launched in 1945. A pioneer product in the wake of the “natural cosmetics” trend. Knut Wulff then has followed along the French laboratories’ know-how and the excellence of their technologies based on plants in order to find the best way to extract their assets and use it in skincare products. It is within this challenging framework that Fleur de Santé laboratory has chosen as a partner the Natural Expert: Alban Muller International, regularly rewarded and granted for its know-how.

Fleur de Santé now offers skincare products with luxurious textures and a formulation exclusively based on the blend of French and Swedish flowers extracts. For its launching campaign, the brand has developed partnerships with beauty bloggers, very influent on social networks. Fleur de Santé’s products will be available soon in France, Italy, Germany, England, Spain, the Netherlands and the USA through premium retail sites and also through their website: where you can already find the products information and details.